Ever been on an airplane where the person next to you asks “who are you” and you fumble? We’ve all been there.

My goal is to help you retain a childlike sense of wonder with life insights that don’t expire.

About Me

👋 Hi. Jason here. I am on the founding team of a Ownit (TLDR: we 2x conversion for eCommerce brands and creators and we raised $8M in seed funding to do so).

➡️ Read more about Ownit in TechCrunch.

Previously, I was at Amazon 📦 where I:

  • Launched a “Voice of the Selling Partner” program as the single-threaded leader that improved the Customer and Selling Partner experience (business development + program management).

  • Served as an Amazon Alexa Accelerator & Techstars mentor.

  • Moderated Amazon Fishbowls (fireside chats) with amazing guests.

  • Served as an Amazon Candid Chatter ambassador to raise the bar on the interview experience.

What I like:

  • Beating my younger brother in tennis. 🎾

  • Snorkeling with sea turtles. 🤿

  • Checkmating opponents on the chess battlefield. ♟️

  • Angel investing in missionary founders. 🚀

  • Collecting NFTs. 🎁 🐐 + 🦉 (iykyk)

  • Savage Garden’s 1999 smash hit “The Animal Song” 🎵

What Should Subscribers Expect?

Insights that don’t expire in the form of (a) things I find on the internet; (b) fireside chats and Q&A posts with peculiar people; and (c) creating new frameworks.

No set timing. I will share thoughts when I believe it is valuable to your time.

Popular stuff:

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  2. Lessons on Stoicism with Ryan Holiday

  3. Business Writing Tips

  4. Work Like A Lion, Not A Cow

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“Fly High, Burn Bright, Be Curious.”

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