I constantly seek different perspectives to disconfirm my beliefs. My goal is to help you look around corners, explore new ideas, and retain a childlike sense of wonder.

About Me

Jason here. I help run a program at Amazon that improves the Customer and Selling Partner experience. I am an Amazon Alexa Accelerator & Techstars mentor. And I am fortunate to have the opportunity to moderate fun Amazon Fishbowls (fireside chats).

Other interests: angel investing, tennis, snorkeling, chess, and NFT collecting.

What Should Subscribers Expect?

This newsletter is an exploration of mental models. We will dive deep into (a) what drives decisions through fireside chats and Q&A posts with peculiar people and (b) combining ideas from different domains to form new frameworks.

No set timing. I will share thoughts when I believe it is valuable to your time.

Example content:

  1. Fireside Chat with Alexis Ohanian

  2. Lessons on Stoicism with Ryan Holiday

  3. Business Writing Tips

  4. Work Like A Lion, Not A Cow

  5. Mamba Mentality

  6. Fireside Chat with Leon Logothetis (The Kindness Guy)

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“Fly High, Burn Bright, Be Curious.”

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Not Boring by Packy McCormick, Huddle Up, Next Big Thing, Fact of the Day 1, and The Pomp Letter.

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